October 9, 2009

2009 Basic Training Course

Dowload the 2009 Applicant Letter for the Central Rappahannock Master Naturalist Chapter
The purpose of the training is to prepare participants for volunteering as Master Naturalists in our community. Though it is an excellent training opportunity, our purpose is for establishing a base of natural resource volunteers.

Training Class Schedule and Location:
Classes will be held Monday evenings from 7 to 9:15 p.m. at Motts Run Nature Center in Fredericksburg starting with an Orientation/Information session on August 10. Regular classes will then resume on August 24.

Master Naturalist guidelines require 25% of the training to take place outdoors. Four required Saturday sessions are scheduled. Saturday classes usually last four hours and will be held at Motts Run, the Friends of the Rappahannock facility on Falls Hill Avenue or other location within the CRC chapter’s region. See schedule below.

Trainees may not miss more than 2 classes, and all missed sessions must be made up by attending the appropriate class(es) within 12 months of the completion of the training or other approved make-up activities.

Additional information on the Virginia Master Naturalist Program can be found at http://www.virginiamasternaturalist.org

Master Naturalist Program
Virginia Department of Forestry
11617 Caledon RoadKing George, Virginia 22485

Master Naturalist Training Schedule - 2009*
Aug. 10 Orientation/Intro to Virginia Master Naturalist Program
Aug. 24 Administrative Info./American Naturalists/Risk Management
Aug. 31 Ecological Concepts
Sept. 14 Botany
Sept. 21 Forest Ecology and Management
Sept. 26 Plant Walks
Sept. 28 Ornithology
Oct. 3 Bird Walk
Oct. 5 Geology/Biogeography
Oct. 12 Weather and Climate/Soil Science
Oct. 19 Interpretation and Teaching Skills
Oct. 24 Wetlands and Coastal Ecology
Oct. 26 Land Use/ Urban systems
Nov. 2 Citizen Science and Presentations
Nov. 7 Biological and Chemical Water Monitoring and Icthyology
Nov. 9 Mammalogy
Nov. 16 Herpetology
Nov. 30 Entomology – Tests Distributed
Dec. 14 TESTS DUE BACK to VCE-King George (Regina’s Office) by 5 PM
Dec. 15 Graduation and Chapter Meeting
*Planned Schedule – Order subject to change pending speaker availability.

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